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Two Dark Paths

In life, sometimes all we see in the forest is the trees.

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Latest on The World of Olith

The Farmer

Some people encounter the Seeress and do not realize it.

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Tales of the Seeress

Tales of the Seeress is the working title of my first book, a collection of short stories in the World of Olith. For a long time, I have thought about trying to write…

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Latest from the Blog

Welcome to my blog

“You only fail when you don’t try.  When you try, you may not succeed, but you didn’t fail.”…

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Khaos Kitchen

3 Pound Dip

I think my sister-in-law turned me onto this. Needless to say, it seems to always be a hit. I made a double batch one time for an office party. When I went to grab the crockpot and bring it home, it had been scraped clean

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Ham Delights

A nice little snack sandwich that is good for a variety of occasions.  I’ve made these for office parties and game day, they don’t last long.

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Chuck roast with red eye gravy

My wife likes a good roast done in the crock pot, but normally by the time they are done, is closer to a stew. But but being stubborn, I finally found a way of doing one in the crock and keeping it a roast

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“I slaved in the kitchen all day” Spaghetti

I know, I know — everyone has their own recipe, but color me a little strange. Most tomato sauces I do not care for unless they’ve cooked all day or have been frozen. Just ask my mom, I like her lasagna when it’s fresh, but freeze that sucker then reheat and your libel to get knocked aside if you get in my way of it.

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